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What do you get when you blend next-level thinking with some of the best talent in the industry? Bright ideas, seamlessly executed - and impressive ratings and returns at the box office.

Unlike many other VFX studios, Master Key is present at every stage of the creative process from initial concept art to final composition. Our international presence means that we can be on set in LA supervising shots while simultaneously liaising with our visual effects team in Toronto. As a result, we make a painstaking process look simple.

And it doesn’t stop there. Master Key Productions coordinates spectacular shoots all over the world, with local crews everywhere from London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin to Caracas, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro.

We are, after all, Master Key. And nowhere is off limits.


Designs, develops, and delivers visual effects for features and television, both 2D and 3D. From pre-production through delivery.
Produces shoots all over the world for television and feature films. We specialize in efficient, low-overhead shoots to maximize value.
Post Finishing Services now provided by SIMDIGITAL @ SIMDIGITAL.COM